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Do you want to own more records, have a record collection to share with your friends and experience listening to music on Vinyl?

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CVRC is the premier record club for people who want to own more records. 


A little about Classic Vinyl Record Club…

 My sons and I started this record club so that we could share our love of vinyl and help you own more records. Of course they didn't always love Vinyl, streaming music is definitely easier. What happened was they started seeing me playing my vinyl, the process I went through, the "stop and read the label", step then they started to hear the difference in sound when something they heard in the car as played in the house on one of our record players...and so it began weekly trips to the record stores, vintage outlets, yard sales..and soon the eldest asked...what do people do that don't have easy access to vintage records...and the rest as they say..Is History (Musical History)

Meet our team

Not actual photos of the team..we are all pretty camera shy


The guy in charge. (or so he thinks). Curator for Classical and Opera, Jazz and Blues, Rock, Country


Curator for Hip/Hop, Jazz and Blues, Soul and R&B


Curator for Country and Rock

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