What is Choose Vinyl?

CVRC is a subscription box for music lovers, vinyl fans and record collectors. 

Every Month we send you Classic Vintage Vinyl Records, Cool to look at, listen to and own.

Each record has been hand inspected, cleaned, packaged with new sleeves, protectors and tested on our in-house equipment. You will look forward to each month's delivery, spending less time looking for records and more time listening to them!

How It Works

1. Tell us the types of music you like

You sign up for one of our record subscription boxes tell us what type of music you like.  

2. Choose your Record

 Each month, depending on your membership level, you can pick a record from our collection. (our curators choose the other records for you based on the type of music you told us you like)

3. You own more records

Every month the records arrive at your door, you play them and add more music to your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the subscription? 

 It's a monthly subscription where you choose one or all the records we send to you.  Once you sign up for a subscription program you will be sent  classic vintage vinyl each month direct to your door. What's cool about this is that you can choose one of the records we send to you or have our curators do it based on the type of music you tell us you like.  Your credit card will be charged each month and you can cancel at anytime (but we hope you don't)

What if I am not happy? 

 We try to make sure we don't send a record we  wouldn't want to play ourselves. Sometimes we do send something that may  look worn on the outside or have a few crackles (remember this is  vintage vinyl from the 50's through the 90's). In the end if you are not happy let us know (but just to give  you an idea of our standard we look for vinyl that falls into the  Goldmine VG category. Learn more about Goldmine's standard here.  

How do I cancel my membership? 

 Ok, we get it sometimes things don't work out. You cancel your membership by logging into your account or email us if that is faster Dave@UpCycleAudioSD.com. 

Do you ship outside the US? 

 Yes we do and due to the variation in shipping cost we do not offer Free Shipping outside the continental United States.  International or shipping costs for destinations outside the  continental United Status will be determined by USPS rates and billed as Shipping and Handling cost in addition to the records. 

How do I change my music preferences?  

When you signed up you told us about the type of music you like and that is what our curator's use to determine what records to send to you. If you want to change those preferences just email and let us know and we will change them in our system for you. 


How are the records tested? 

Keep in mind this is vintage vinyl so there may be surface noise and of course everyone's stereo equipment can vary. But we do test all the records we ship (except for records that have never been opened) We test the records on one of our two turntables; a fully automatic ATLP60 and a US Made belt drive U-Turn, both use the very popular Audio Technica ATN91 Stylus. 

Choose your Record - How it Works


It's  pretty easy. Every month we load the website up with the current  month's selections. 

We send you an email to let you know that the  records are up on the website, the link to view them and when the last  day is for you to make a selection. 

You  visit the site, login in to your account, select one of the records you want, add it to your cart  and "check out".

 The system sends us your selection, we add more records depending on your membership level and we send your shipment out for delivery.   


Choose Your Record - FAQs

How much is the record I select?

The record's cost to you is $0 (zero) as you have already paid for it as part of your monthly subscription.


Why are you asking for my credit card if the record cost is $0? 

We  are using Cratejoy to power our website now and with it comes some new  features (one of them is the Choose your Record). Cratejoy also has  built in transaction security - so keep in mind when you add your record  to the cart Cratejoy's transaction security will verify your credit  card info (you may have to enter it). It WILL NOT charge your card, it  only verifies it for security purposes.

What if I don't make a selection by the cutoff date?

If  you don't make a selection by the cutoff date our curators will pick  records for you based on the music you have told us you like and from  our total collection. This is also a great way to make sure you get a  variety of records, discover new artists or re-discover those you  already know but maybe forgot about that certain album. 

What if I don't want to make a selection in any given month? 

Sometimes  you just want to be surprised or don't want to select a record. No  problem, just wait for the cutoff date to pass and don't make a  selection, our curators will select for you based on the music you have  told us you like

If I Choose my Record, how many records will you send me?

It depends on your membership level but basically it works like this, for those on a "Choose One Record" plan

The one record level is curated, our staff will select a record for you based on the music you have told us you like. 

At the 2 record level - we will send you 2 records, one you select and one selected by our staff

At the 3 record level - we will send you 3 records, one you select and two selected by our staff

What if the record or records I choose is/are out of stock when I place my order? 

If the record is out of stock it means another member beat you to it (as often we have only one copy of an album at any given time). If that happens make another selection from those available or make no selection by the cutoff date and our staff will send records based on the music types you like. 

What do you send? 

 Every month we will send you a subscription box of our latest record finds. 

  • Each shipment will have your record plus original cover art, inner sleeve, liner  notes and original promotional material when available, all protected  with a new inner and outer sleeves
  • Additional records, depending on your membership level, curated by our staff based on the music you enjoy. 
  • What do we send?...a pretty cool music experience that has you easily listening to different vintage vinyl records every month. The feel of the  record, the crackling of the needle, the sound of the music as you read  the liner notes and enjoy spinning vinyl

What is Vintage Vinyl?

We don't just send you records, we send you records we personally would enjoy. Because we test listen the records there are times that we really don't want to part with a record...but we figure if we found it once we just may find it again (and this time add it to our in-house collection). How do we get the records? These are NOT records from our personal collection or our record store that we are just trying to get rid of...nope..these are records that we personally selected from various record stores, at vintage markets sometimes even from those collectors who work so hard to unload their collections on Ebay and other places. Vintage Vinyl from the 50s-90's, check out the printed dates on the covers and you will relive that experience of playing pre-loved vinyl and know you own a piece of musical history. 

Can I give this as a Gift? 

Yes! It's a perfect gift for you to share your a love of music and vinyl. Streaming is convenient, CDs (if you still have them around) are easy to "pop and play", but nothing beats vinyl (well maybe live music does). Share the experience that we all love  - Playing our records, skimming through our collection, looking at the covers and deciding what record to play. Then comes that moment when you remove the record from the sleeve, spin it end over end in your  hand to decide on Side A or Side B. You cue it up, hear the first crackle I know that for the next 20 minutes of so..it's just chill time. Share that experience with a friend or loved one! 


Are you ready to start your record subscription?